We help SMEs grow their business through their PEOPLE

BUSINESS SUCCESS = the right people, in the right place...doing the right thing, at the right time.

HR & Recruitment Consultants based in Chester

We help SMEs across the North West, North Wales and West Midlands grow their business through their people.

We understand the need for all businesses, large and small, to have ‘best practice’ HR systems and processes in place to recruit, manage and develop employees, and to create an environment that encourages and empowers excellence at all levels.

What can we do for YOUR business?


We go the extra mile to find forward thinkers that will drive your business to the next level 

We spend time getting to know you and what you’re looking for; your values, culture, growth plans, skills and above all, attitude. By building a solid relationship with you and your company we are able to find candidates who are a great ‘fit’ for everything you stand for.


Comprehensive people support to help your business retain staff, reduce risk and improve its bottom line  

We help to ensure your people policies, procedures and processes are fit for purpose, and help you create effective on boarding that will help your business become an employer of choice.

Learning & Development

We inspire and encourage leaders to get the best out of their people and create high performing teams

Our robust and inspirational management development programmes, and ongoing coaching/mentoring, help to support your managers to grow the talent in their teams, leading to better engagement and improving your bottom line.

Upcoming Leadership Programmes

Developing Self-Aware Leadership for People Managers- Thursday 22nd April 2021

Understand and develop your own personal leadership style and develop your team’s natural talent through strengths-based leadership.

Your success as a leader requires an awareness of your strengths and the ability to pursue them proactively. This one-day interactive masterclass helps managers to become more attuned to their own strengths so they are better equipped to build strong and successful teams.


Featured Case Studies

A bespoke and personal approach to recruiting two very senior roles

The result of finding the right people has resulted in a smooth transition for the wholesale artisan bakery, Peck and Strong, and particularly for John himself to move into the next chapter of his life.


Leadership & Training Strategy and Workshop Facilitation

Working with an SME technology company to reshape and enhance their organisational structure and culture, underpinned by highly professional workshop facilitation and a management skills enhancement programme.


Client Testimonials

So ... 2021 has arrived!

After THE most appalling year, take a step back from your business and remind yourself how to breathe...

My People Partner is our affordable monthly support programme for SMEs designed to give you complete peace of mind when it comes to taking on your first employee or dealing with those potentially tricky employee situations that always happen when you least expect them!