How to re-engage your people as they return to the workplace…

How to re-engage your people as they return to the workplace…

How to re-engage your people as they return to the workplace… 1024 616 Kirsty Craig

There’s no doubt that the current pandemic has changed the business landscape as we know it and will continue to do so for quite some time to come.  We employers are having to navigate furloughing and redundancies to ensure that our business survives. Workspaces have had to be reconfigured and many companies have had to reinvent or digitize their activities to adapt to the new normal.

However, those organisations that are really going to thrive during these unprecedented times, are the ones who ensure that their PEOPLE adapt with them. 

Our Online Masterclass on Thursday 27th August addresses how you can practically re-engage your people and create a roadmap of how you are going to diversify – and your people with you – to meet the goals of the business. 

A positive return to the workplace…

Returning to the office won’t be like simply flipping a light switch back on. We’re already seeing a gradual transition with some employees continuing to work remotely. 

Employers need to be particularly sensitive when reintroducing furloughed staff back into the workplace. They have spent a considerable time away from their regular working habits and will need help readjusting to new ways of working and reminding of their work priorities, vision and goals of the business.  

Our masterclass offers useful tips on the practical and emotional aspects of this to help you create short and long-term measures to support your people. 

Effective leadership skills

Making sure your managers are strong, effective leaders is also pretty crucial. They need to understand the importance of cascading information down to their teams effectively, especially those who may still be working remotely. 

Taking a clear, honest, empathetic and rapid approach to communication has never been important.  Government guidance is changing by the day, as are business priorities, so it’s essential to have leaders who are at the top of their game in providing clear and transparent communication to keep their teams in the loop and motivated towards their goals.  

The masterclass is designed to help managers identify key activities that will contribute towards effective leadership during this time. 

Employee Engagement is a key driver

Every day may bring a new set of priorities and challenges and responding to those challenges requires consistent monitoring and communication. It is almost impossible to over-communicate to the people who drive and make your business what it is.  

Short-term, bite-sized goal setting, little and often communication, and regular reviews are helping teams to maintain engagement.

The continuing remote-working situation will require you and your managers to come up with new ways to engage your people in order to foster creativity and engagement, whether it be through group-based online activities as well as more 1-to-1 time with their line managers. 

Find out more in our Online Masterclass on Thursday 27th August. It’s packed full of great tips to re-engage your staff and embed your people back after furlough. 

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