Harnessing strengths based leadership…

Harnessing strengths based leadership…

Harnessing strengths based leadership… 1024 683 Kay Crayford

So, you’re a leader within your organisation. Congratulations! It’s likely you’ve made it this far through a combination of your problem solving ability, experience and achievement. All that good stuff which leads to your efforts getting noticed and ultimately promotion. Are you in a position where you are considering L&D for your team? Wondering what’s going to get us some results rather than tick just a few boxes?

Well, what about you? When did you last receive some really useful development?

A Gallup white paper found that “managers who use a strengths-focused leadership approach have an 89% higher incidence of above-average performance than those managers who don’t.” [1]

Are your ears pricking up yet? Development that delivers results. I believe that effective L&D is a little like the oxygen masks in a plane – the best results are when you do you first! Strengths based leadership isn’t hugely new, but is highly useful!

Do you know what your key strengths are? Both personally and as a leader? Is it innovation, emotional intelligence, or getting the job done. What about those in your team? What about your development and things that don’t come as naturally to you. Do you know where you have a total blind spot (a bit like me and admin!)

Trang Chu, author of the Forbes article, states, “Successful leaders spend most of their time developing their strengths and applying them in the workplace while simultaneously managing their weaknesses.” [2]

Why should you bother?
40% of employees become disengaged if their key strengths are ignored. Plus understanding differences and diversity in thoughts and actions breaks down barriers and builds better teams! People aren’t good at everything – it’s impossible. If you think you are brilliant at everything, then you need to hold up a mirror because knowing strengths and weaknesses improves delegation, team cohesion, feeling of self worth and shared responsibility. This leads to finding the holy grail of leadership strengths, increased job satisfaction, engagement and involvement.

Leadership development programmes, such as our one day masterclass, What Sort of People Manager Are You? are the ideal way to begin identifying and maximising your strengths. Alternatively, we deliver group LiFO (Behavioural profiling) workshops with teams. Although our training is now delivered via Zoom, it’s neither dull or dry but fun and interactive! Don’t just take our word for it, see these recent testimonials….

“Many thanks Rachel. The team spent the afternoon chatting about their colours and characters in such a positive manner. The sign of a really great session – when everyone can’t stop talking about it. We all loved it!” December 2020

“Fabulous training from Rachel… very well organised, we would highly recommend this training to other companies – thank you so much” December 2020

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