Creating a Positive Workplace Culture – Workshop Training

One-day Workshop for Managers in Chester to help shape and define your company culture

Your company culture is a set of values, ethics, attitude and atmosphere that shape your work environment.

Having a well-defined and healthy workplace culture will ultimately increase your employee retention rates, improve your recruitment strategy and help you become an Employer of Choice.

Even if YOU think that your culture is clear, it needs to permeate across all your employees, and not just be defined by the people at the top.

The objectives of Creating a Positive Workplace Culture are to:

  • Understand the importance Mission Vision and Values
  • Learn the steps to business success and how to craft your Culture
  • Define the positive behaviours that make you, you!
  • How to embed these and ensure that they permeate through your people operations

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    We can run this course on-demand with you and/or your employees.  To find out more contact Rachel on 01244 732074 or 

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