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How can you encourage your top talent to stay? 1024 683 Kirsty Craig

How can you encourage your top talent to stay?

The signs are that it’s getting increasingly hard to fill vacancies. The British Chambers of Commerce has revealed UK businesses are dealing with rising staff turnover and are struggling to…

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How Content are your Employees? 1024 683 kca2018

How Content are your Employees?

When you run an SME, it can be hard to balance your responsibilities, but the happiness of your employees is one area that’s too important to overlook. Take a look…

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Losing Key Talent? 1024 683 kca2018

Losing Key Talent?

“Just one of the benefits of well trained, skilled managers & leaders is higher staff retention””Managers tend to be subject experts who excel at processes and procedures but who can’t and don’t connect…

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Redundancy Support Package for Employers

We guide SMEs to make the right choices and manage redundancy consultations in a way that is fair and legally compliant. Most importantly, we're here to support you through having those difficult conversations with the employees that you may need to let go.