Team Performance

Harnessing strengths based leadership… 1024 683 Kay Crayford

Harnessing strengths based leadership…

So, you’re a leader within your organisation. Congratulations! It’s likely you’ve made it this far through a combination of your problem solving ability, experience and achievement. All that good stuff…

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High performing teams…how do they happen? 1024 682 Rachel Hough

High performing teams…how do they happen?

Picture the scene: A newly appointed people Manager, having excelled in the technical aspects of their work, is completely non plussed as to why they can’t seem to get their…

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Redundancy Support Package for Employers

We guide SMEs to make the right choices and manage redundancy consultations in a way that is fair and legally compliant. Most importantly, we're here to support you through having those difficult conversations with the employees that you may need to let go.