Become a Recruiting Ninja 1024 346

Become a Recruiting Ninja

Become a Recruiting Ninja You don’t pick talent anymore, talent picks you!For training in how to adapt your recruitment techniques in the current challenging market conditions… Our NEW 2-day Recruitment…

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Developing a Coaching Style 1024 345

Developing a Coaching Style

Management models in relation to coachingDevelop coaching skills Outcomes… Learn why coaching is a valuable management toolRelate to a selection of management modelsKnow when coaching is the best optionHow to…

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Recruitment Skills and Techniques 1024 345

Recruitment Skills and Techniques

Exploring, setting and following a recruitment process that worksSelection techniques, including competency based interviews Outcomes… Become confident in a range of selection techniquesDevelop a process that works for your organisationUnderstand…

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Performance Management 1024 345

Performance Management

Why managing your employees’ performance is importantAppraisal documentation planning and formatDevelop and practice the necessary skills Outcomes… Understand theories that inform performance managementDevelop an appropriate framework for informal and formal…

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Creating High Performance In Your Team 1024 345

Creating High Performance In Your Team

Learn how to build a team with the right mix of skills and personalities, to create a culture that promotes collaborative work, and then lead that team effectively: Outcomes… How…

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Essential Legislation for People Managers 1024 345

Essential Legislation for People Managers

Policies, best practice and legal implications Outcomes… Create an awareness of equality and diversity in your organisationManage your absence policy in line with legislationDevelop a framework for managing disciplinaries and…

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Setting the HR Strategy for Successful People Management 1024 345

Setting the HR Strategy for Successful People Management

Establishing your HR toolkitThe difference between what is legally required and best practice Outcomes… Identify managerial activities that contribute to managerial effectiveness and develop a plan to attain thisUnderstand why…

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