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  • April 4, 2019

Become a Recruiting Ninja

Become a Recruiting Ninja

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Become a Recruiting Ninja

You don’t pick talent anymore, talent picks you!
For training in how to adapt your recruitment techniques in the current challenging market conditions…

Our NEW 2-day Recruitment skills course arms you with all the skills you’ll need to recruit high-quality talent in the current competitive market along with tips for getting them to pick you over your competitors.

The course covers:

• The importance of your employer branding
• Getting it right first time – the challenges!
• Candidate selection techniques
• Legislation which impacts the recruitment process
• How to write great adverts to attract candidates
• Managing bias, especially unconscious bias
• Developing a process that works for YOU
• Developing your interview structure and question ‘bank’
• Competency-based interview techniques
• On-boarding processes

For Further information, please contact Rachel on 01244 732074