Intelligent recruitment

To drive your business to the next level

Executive Recruitment in Chester, North Wales and the North West

You didn’t go into business to become a recruitment expert. We did.

Whether you’re a company of 10 or 1,000, the secret to building a great business is hiring great people.  Kirsty Craig Associates is a boutique recruitment company in Chester, bringing over 50 years of recruiting expertise to your organisation.

Whatever your sector, and whatever role you’re looking to fill, we’re here to find the right person to help grow your business, from executive roles and middle management right up to board level and CEO.

We’re proud to do things differently — and proud of our exceptional 90% success rate.

We have the skills and processes to help you recruit successfully, saving you time that you can better spend in and on your business.

Right people. Right place. Right time.

We’re not interested in filling a quota or churning CVs.  We’re interested in finding the right people for the right roles to help your business thrive and grow!

We believe that the ‘fit’ is everything…it’s not just about the skills and experience being right for your business – personality and values on both sides are just as important.

Because recruiting the wrong person will cost your business an estimated 350% of their salary.

And on average, only 54% of new hires are successful — the other 46% fail within the first 18 months.

We don’t like those odds.  We spend time getting to know your business, what makes it tick so that we recruit more intelligently.

Kirsty Craig Associates brings to your business the expertise it needs to make the right hires.

“It was the amount of time that Kirsty spent getting to know the business and how we work that made the recruitment process so successful.”

Russell Fairbrother | Appreciate Group PLC

Flexible recruitment service

Recruiting the right people is vital for growth and success.

Depending on your business size, you may have some recruitment skills in-house, so we offer two different service models: A complete 360 Solution, or The Edit where we deliver a longlist of candidates for you to interview and take forward.

Whichever level of support you choose, we’re dedicated to strengthening your employer brand so you can attract the best talent.



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A comprehensive service, supporting your business through the complete recruitment journey from start to finish.

Company and role profiling, and candidate attraction strategy

Job description creation and support

Extensive candidate searching, head hunting and advertising

Application review and pre-interview telephone screening

Telephone screening and competency based face to face interviews 

Shortlist and qualify the most exemplary candidates to be put forward to interview

Handle interview arrangements, feedback and candidate declines


An abridged recruitment service that attracts suitable candidates for you to interview. 

Company and role profiling and candidate attraction strategy

Job description support

Extensive candidate searching and advertising across 19 different job sites

CV sifting and selection against the requirements of the role

In-depth candidate telephone interviews

Submitting a long list of candidates for you to interview

Our candidate placement success rate*:


*Only 10% of our clients have utilised the free replacement guarantee within 6 months, which means that 90% of the candidates we place are still in post.

We’re proud to be a different kind of recruitment company for Chester, North Wales and the North West.