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Recruiting, managing and developing the right talent for your business is fundamental to its success. Finding the time to engage with the whole process properly, let alone identifying the right support partner, can be difficult.

Here at Kirsty Craig Associates we understand that your needs for HR develop and grow as your business does.

We are the support you have been looking for – moving your HR up a gear.

Documentation & Systems

Legislation Requirements: Contract & Handbook

The basis for any start-up is understanding the legislation. We guide you through the process of finding your first team members.


Job Description

Getting the job description right matters. Candidates should know what the role requires and if they have the right skills to fulfil it.

Job Adverts

We help you produce high standard job adverts that will attract the right candidates.

Selection Criteria

You need to find the right people for your organisation. We help you define and narrow down what exactly you’re looking for.


One of the most vital elements of your recruitment process is the interview. Through CV screening and telephone interviews, we shortlist the very best candidates, with 94% of our roles successfully placed.

Job offer/Decline

We manage the process of informing candidates on their progress, both successful and unsuccessful.


Induction & On-boarding

Company Profile

Communicate your culture, be seen as a company that goes beyond products and services.

Why Work for Us

Good candidates are in high demand. In a candidate led market, you need to stand out and clearly communicate how your company is different and why applicants should choose you over your competitors.


Offer your candidates clear, yet challenging career progression. If they feel like your company doesn’t give them opportunities to move forward, they will start looking elsewhere.


When you find the right people, get the best out of them by enhancing their skills and expertise.


How is your employee performing? Develop a review system that allows you to carry out an assessment of their time with your company.

‘Buddy System’

Great people support others. Implement a buddy system to help develop your people.


Probation periods allows you to evaluate closely the progress and professional skills of your newly hired employee, as well as monitor their personal qualities such as honesty, reliability, and interactions with co-workers, supervisors or clients.


When measuring your employee performance, you can use a variety of techniques and soft intuitive insights.

Check in points

Know when the right time is to check in with your new team member, and how to manage their onboarding process.


Provide constructive, useful feedback that benefits both your employee and your business.

Structured Chat

A structured conversation can help you realise how to best work with your new employee.

Communicate Outcome

Good communication is invaluable. Recognise exactly what your new recruit is striving for and explain your expectations.

Performance Management


KCA work both alongside your current HR team or as an entirely outsourced resource to set realistic, measurable goals for your team members.

Monthly 1-2-1’s

Welcome and act upon employee feedback with monthly 1-2-1’s. Provide a secure environment to gain an understanding of your team’s individual levels of professional satisfaction.

Formal Feedback

Provide and receive feedback in a manner that works for you and your employee.

Disciplinary & Grievance

Disciplinary and grievances procedures are tricky, but it’s important to get it right. Our HR support is on hand to help.

Sickness & Absence

Properly handle sickness and absences with our HR support. We ensure you implement best practices to manage sensitive circumstances.

Training & Development


The more competent your employees are, the better they perform. Having the knowledge, skills or attitude competency maps can be a critical tool.  

Management skills

Managers often find themselves in leadership position without any additional training. Investing in your managers can boost your organisation’s reputation and improve overall retention levels.

Employee Exit

Exit interview

The exit interview provides an opportunity to receive feedback and address any causes of poor retention.

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If you know you need to do something about recruitment, that managing your HR is driving you nuts, that you’ve identified that some training really is needed to help your team move forward, or you simply need some employee-related advice, then our free consultation is for you.


If you don’t have the right people in the right place doing the right things at the right time, you’ve got no chance! Our recruitment methods are tried, tested and proven with an overall 94% of roles successfully placed…way above industry standards. Why go elsewhere?


It’s not just about ticking boxes and being compliant you know…it’s about having the right people strategies in place and knowing how to engage your people to make your business stronger and more successful.

Learning & Development

One of the most important investments you’ll make in your business is in your people. Why? Because it’s about future proofing your business and maximising results…pure and simple!

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