Having received coaching from Rachel over three past 3+ years, I can honestly say her support has been invaluable and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her . Rachel has helped me with a wide variety of challenges. She has helped me navigate areas of weakness in my own management style, supported me through a promotion (when I approached Rachel I was considering stepping down but have now successfully held the role for 3+ years), assisted me to develop a more productive relationship with my manager and worked with me to manage my expectations of myself to prevent burnout. There’s really not an area that Rachel hasn’t helped me develop.
What I appreciate the most about Rachel’s coaching style is her ability to identify what makes people tick and therefore empathise with the issues faced. I always felt that Rachel truly understood me (better than myself at times!) and this helped create a safe space where I felt comfortable discussing any issue. Rachel always seemed to respect my personality profile and guided me to find solutions that worked for me. At times, I would enter the sessions not knowing myself what was contributing to feeling overwhelmed / frustrated, and the session would always help clarify the source of my feelings. I always left the sessions feeling empowered; I’d be more focused on the issue and have a clear action plan – everything always felt more manageable by the end. Having received coaching from Rachel for some time now, I find myself adopting some of the techniques used and coaching myself when I face moments of internal conflict. I am genuinely appreciative for all the support Rachel has provided. Coaching with Rachel is the equivalent of feeling like you always have someone in your corner – someone who understands you and who is supporting you to make positive changes.

Redundancy Support Package for Employers

We guide SMEs to make the right choices and manage redundancy consultations in a way that is fair and legally compliant. Most importantly, we're here to support you through having those difficult conversations with the employees that you may need to let go.