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Management Development Programmes

Management Development programs to strengthen your leadership skills and build successful teams

It’s difficult enough finding the right talent in the first place within a candidate led market, so when you’ve got the right people in place why miss the opportunity to enhance their skills and expertise?

So many People Managers are promoted on the basis of their technical abilities in their day to day job alone, yet we all know that a good one encompasses a leader, coach, trainer and psychiatrist all wrapped up into one.

For those managers who don’t naturally possess the delicate balance of empathy, communication and leadership skills required, all is not lost, learning and development is key.

Training in people management skills and processes is undoubtably important, but this has to be balanced with self-reflection and enhancement of behaviours and competencies to allow that person to fulfil the role of a well-rounded Manager.

Doing so adds tremendous value to your business whilst ensuring you retain your best talent. Our qualified and experienced Trainers and Facilitators have designed a range of management training programmes to equip managers and business owners to lead and manage their team for success.

Courses are delivered in an interactive, workshop format with one to one coaching available to maximise the learning output and experience.

Our portfolio includes established management development programmes and the ability to shape and tailor workshops to meet identified objectives and training needs.

Clarity7 – creating strong managers for your business….

An inadequate or unskilled manager can unconsciously sabotage the effort of their team and your business – after all, people don’t generally leave a job, they leave a poor manager.  So how do you avoid this happening?   Easy! Invest in the RIGHT training to help your managers build and develop their skills so they become truly exceptional leaders.

The most effective management training is positive, relevant and strategically important…and should always be considered an investment, not a cost.   It’s all about minimising risk in your business and enhancing, not diminishing, your reputation as an employer of choice in an increasingly competitive world.

Every manager needs to, and should, acquire a set of core skills which allows them to continuously improve as their experience as a manager grows. Our accredited and innovative programme of professional management development masterclasses is delivered by qualified, experienced experts in business and HR management, and will fast track the learning process for all.

The full course is CPD accredited and will earn participants 49 hours of CPD.

The Clarity7 masterclasses examine…

  • Defining the role and skills of an effective manager
  • Setting the HR strategy for successful people management
  • Building high performance in your team
  • Performance management
  • Effective disciplinary and grievance management
  • Successful recruiting techniques
  • Developing a coaching style
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