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Management Training Programs

Retain your best talent with our management training programs

It’s difficult enough finding the right talent in the first place within a candidate led market, so when you’ve got the right people in place why miss the opportunity to enhance their skills and expertise? And in doing so add tremendous value to your business whilst ensuring you retain your best talent. Our qualified and experienced Trainers and Facilitators have designed a range of management training programmes to equip managers and business owners to lead and manage their team for success.

Courses are available in both one-to-one and workshop formats with follow-up reviews for an agreed period after course completion.  Our portfolio includes established management training programmes and the ability to shape and tailor workshops to meet identified objectives and training needs.

Our Clarity 7 programme instills the skills and tools for management success with 4 cohorts per year.

Programmes covered include:

  • Management Development
  • A one day and two day Recruiting Success course
  • Team building and managing conflict
  • Recruitment and selection skills for SME’s

One of the most useful and effective tools we use in all our management training programmes is the LifO®  method of behavioural profiling. It guides people towards new personal strategies and offers tools that ensure they can perform to their best ability.

Clarity7 – creating strong managers for your business….

An inadequate or unskilled manager can unconsciously sabotage the effort of their team and your business – after all, people don’t generally leave a job, they leave a poor manager.  So how do you avoid this happening?   Easy! Invest in the RIGHT training to help your managers build and develop their skills so they become truly exceptional leaders.

The most effective management training is positive, relevant and strategically important…and should always be considered an investment, not a cost.   It’s all about minimising risk in your business and enhancing, not diminishing, your reputation as an employer of choice in an increasingly competitive world.

Every manager needs to, and should, acquire a set of core skills which allows them to continuously improve as their experience as a manager grows. Our accredited and innovative programme of professional management development masterclasses is delivered by qualified, experienced experts in business and HR management, and will fast track the learning process for all.

The full course is CPD accredited and will earn participants 49 hours of CPD.

The Clarity7 masterclasses examine…

  • Defining the role and skills of an effective manager
  • Setting the HR strategy for successful people management
  • Building high performance in your team
  • Performance management
  • Effective disciplinary and grievance management
  • Successful recruiting techniques
  • Developing a coaching style

The Clarity Coaching programme…

Management Coaching and Mentoring

It’s not just about putting someone through a training course and expecting instant results.  The embedding of those newly acquired skills and behaviours in the immediate period following training, is absolutely crucial to that training being a worthwhile investment.

The number of companies reporting the use of coaching and mentoring in dealing with under performance and lifting capability in good performers, doubled from 2009 to 2011, according to the CIPD ‘The Coaching Climate’ survey published in September 2011.

Coaching on a one to one basis for a short period following training, ensures that learning is carried through to behaviour on a consistent and on-going basis.  Delivered by our professional, ILM qualified coaches, it’s a brilliant way of helping others to improve, develop, learn new skills, find personal success, achieve aims and to manage life change and personal challenges effectively.

What will coaching bring to your business?

  • Driving individual transitions into new roles and promotions
  • Achieving improved communication and cohesion within teams
  • Increasing capability in business to operate, lead and manage
  • Improved retention and increased job satisfaction

Comments from our coachees…

‘I feel I’ve made real progress, especially with regards to delivering effective delegation and feedback and managing the supporter vs. controller aspect.’

‘I think you did a great job of helping me to see the problem Rachel – thank you!’

The Clarity Mentoring programme…

‘..the skill of the mentor comes from past experiences and is broad-based,  unlike training which has a more targeted background’       Peter Hill (2004)’

We love helping new business owners who would like to learn from our experiences and so we can work with you as business mentors for as long as you need us to.  Just two hours a month for a minimum period of six months will provide you with consistent support, guidance and practical help to give you an above average chance of achieving those important goals that you are aiming for.

Benefits of the Mentoring programme:

  • Development outcomes which may include – knowledge, technical and behavioural improvements
  • Better management of career goals
  • Developing a wider network of influence
  • Increased confidence and self-awareness which helps build performance and contribution
  • Line managers and HR also gain from better employee focus and engagement

So if you think you and your business could benefit from working with us through our mentoring programme, give Kirsty a call on 01244 732071 or email her at kirsty@kirstycraigassociates.co.uk.

Our coaches and mentors have achieved the Level 7 Certificate in Executive Coaching and Mentoring, a nationally recognised qualification from the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM).