Be the STAND OUT Candidate

  • You’ve recently been made redundant and the thought of looking for a new role in the current candidate-saturated market is daunting. 

  • Your CV is outdated and need to learn how to SELL YOU and showcase your skills effectively.

  • You’ve got through to the interview stage but fall short at really selling your skills when under pressure. 

This online interactive session will bolster your job searching skills, help you create a stellar CV and SELL YOU in an interview. The job market is currently flooded with candidates and you need a head start on how to stand out to secure your next role.

Join us on Thursday 1st October 9:30am-12pm

This interactive online session will enable you to: 

  • Navigate the career crossroads effectively and learn how to successful find jobs that suit your skillset.

  • Get uber confident in interviews and telephone interviews so that employers choose YOU. 

  • Showcase your strengths and skills in an engaging way on your CV.

  • Leverage the power of social networks to find new jobs and let people know you are looking for work.

“Following redundancy, I was quite apprehensive about seeking coaching to assist my next career move. I had a plan but lacked confidence. Within my first coaching session, Rachel quickly settled my nerves, made sure that she understood what I wanted to achieve and offered brilliant insight: interview tips and preparation strategy that helped me secure my dream PhD studentship in a specialist industry!

I highly recommend Kirsty Craig Associates for career advice, be it a CV review in line with what you want to achieve, interview preparation or job searching. A very friendly and approachable service.”

Led by Recruiter and Trainer Rachel Hough

Rachel is a qualified trainer, LifO assessor and ILM Level 7 Executive and Leadership coach with over 25 years of recruitment expertise working with large blue chip companies, helping them set the recruitment strategy and sourcing top talent to help their organisation grow.

She trains recruiters and employers so that they have all the tools they need to hire effectively, including creating competency profiles and interview technique.

There is an optional 45 minute 1-to-1 follow-up with Rachel to see how you have applied the learnings specifically to your CV and get personal feedback on how to improve it.

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