On-demand Training courses

We provide bespoke one-day training courses which can be created specifically to meet your individual organisation’s needs and delivered in your workplace. We will work with your managers or HR team to assess your needs and design a training programme tailored to your organisation. We can focus on the specific policies, issues or human resources procedures you wish to address or focus on individual solutions to management, communication or conflict areas in your workplace.

Training includes:

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

equality and diversity training chester

How we treat others in the workplace is not only a reflection of ourselves but has legal implications for employers.  Inclusive workplaces have far reaching benefits with links into engagement, job satisfaction and retention so how aware are your employees of terminology and the potential impact of their behaviour?

Understanding your Team's Strengths

A half day workshop to improve relationships, how to improve productivity and get the most from individuals within your team.

Managing Mental Health in the Workplace

Poor mental health is the number one cause for absence from work. This workshop gives you the skills to recognise signs of poor mental health and increase confidence to talk to individuals and sign post them to appropriate support in the workplace.

Influencing, Persuading and Assertiveness Skills

influencing and assertiveness skills

The ability to influence others and practice assertiveness is an ever increasing requirement for today’s successful business leaders and managers. This course provides the necessary influencing and assertiveness skills to help managers create a powerful influencing style with colleagues  to improve working relationships.

Building a Positive Business Culture

A strong culture is a common denominator among the most successful companies. Learn the tools for developing and sustaining a high-performance organisational culture, including hiring practices, onboarding efforts, recognition programs and performance management programs.

Onboarding new colleagues

The effectiveness of your on-boarding process can be directly correlated to how long that employee stays with you. This workshop teaches you the management touchpoints throughout the employee journey and how to apply best practices in line with legislation.

Emotional Intelligence for Business Leaders

Our Leadership Training workshops on Emotional Intelligence will help business leaders and managers improve empathy and adaptability, and learn practical ways to effectively handle and understand interpersonal relationships.

Performance Management Training

performance management training

This one day performance management training gives you the practical techniques and processes for providing ongoing support and improvement to help build an empowered and skilled workforce.

Motivation, Delegation & Engagement

motivating and engaging teams

This interactive workshop will help managers motivate, delegate and engage with their team in order to empower others and improve team performance.

The Art of Recruiting well

An intensive two day management training course that equips business owners and managers with the essential recruitment skills and knowledge needed to attract and retain high quality people to your organisation.

Improving Poor Performance

improving poor performance

Discover the tools to help identify and improve poor performance amongst your team members in a professional, constructive and positive way.

So ... 2021 has arrived!

After THE most appalling year, take a step back from your business and remind yourself how to breathe...

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