Online Masterclasses

We have put together a series of highly engaging and interactive Online Masterclasses to equip people managers with the skills and knowledge to lead and manage high performing teams well.  Whether you have been furloughed or are working from home, this is an ideal time to keep yourself up to date with the latest employment legislation and improve your leadership skills. Why? Because when you return to your office, you will be better equipped than ever before to be the most effective people manager you can be.

These collaborative sessions are 1 hour in duration and are delivered LIVE via Zoom by our qualified trainer, Rachel Hough. Classes are limited in size to allow for sufficient interaction and to allow attendees to ask questions.

Re-boarding Employees after Furlough

Tuesday 16 June – 10:30am

Thursday 18 June – 3:30pm

performance management training

Positive Performance Management for Remote Workers

Tuesday 16 June – 3:30pm

Thursday 18 June – 10:30am

Maintaining Company Culture during times of change

Tuesday 23 June – 10:30am

Thursday 25 June – 3:30pm

Managing Different Approaches to Working From Home

Wednesday 10 June – 10:30am

Thursday 11 June – 3:30pm

Creating a Positive Employee Experience

Tuesday 7 July – 10:30am

Thursday 9 July – 3:30pm

Effective sickness and absence management

Tuesday 7 July – 3:30pm 

Thursday 9 July – 10:30am

How to manage Disciplinary and Grievances

Tuesday 30 June – 10:30am

Thursday 2 July – 3:30pm

Onboarding new Employees Remotely 

Tuesday 23 June – 3:30pm

Thursday 25 June – 10:30am

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