The Art of Recruiting Well …

Recruiting the right candidate is an art form. This two-day programme shows you how.

An intensive two day management training course that equips business owners and managers with the essential recruitment skills and knowledge needed to attract and retain high quality people to your organisation.

Day 1 – Learning Outcomes

    • Why a best practice approach is business critical
    • The importance of your employer brand
    • Getting it right the first time – the challenges!
    • Exploring candidate sourcing and selection techniques
    • The legislation that impacts the recruitment process
    • The art of candidate attraction – writing great ad copy
    • Managing bias – especially unconscious bias
    • How to manage and control the recruitment process

Day 2 – Learning Outcomes

    • Creating a process that works for you
    • Developing your interview structure and question bank
    • Become practiced in the format and structure of competency based interviewing
    • Gain the confidence to know when ‘it’s a fit’
    • Understanding just how crucial a great ‘on-boarding’ process is to your bottom line

This course can be run on-demand at a time and place to suit you. Call 01244 732071 or email for more information.



    So ... 2021 has arrived!

    After THE most appalling year, take a step back from your business and remind yourself how to breathe...

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