Developing Self-Aware Leadership for People Managers – One Day Masterclass

Your success as a leader requires an awareness of your strengths and the ability to pursue them proactively. This one-day interactive masterclass helps managers to become more attuned to their own strengths so they are better equipped to build strong and successful teams.

This is a highly interactive workshop, where you will really get to know yourself as a people manager.  You will also get the opportunity to do a Behavioural Survey which will give you a comprehensive Strengths and Development Report to inform the focus of your programme of activities.

This one-day masterclass is ideal for managers, team leaders & HR professionals who are keen to understand and develop their own personal leadership style and develop their team’s natural talent through strengths-based leadership.

This highly engaging, interactive workshop will include:

  • Recognising what constitutes good leadership and effective management
  • Applying leadership theories in relation to your own personal strengths
  • Performing self-analysis using various tools and models to determine your preferred management style
  • Gaining crystal clear understanding about your own individual strengths, and which areas you need to develop for effective leadership
  • Understanding how to apply better Emotional Intelligence in areas of leadership
  • Developing awareness and practice skills and behaviours that are outside of your current operating style
  • Recognising other’s operating styles and how to engage them through communication and behavioural strategies
  • How to play to your strengths as a manager in order to build and grow successful teams
  • Learning strategies to engage, build and resolve conflict within your team

To book your place….



    22nd April 2021




    Online, Via Zoom


    £480+VAT per delegate*. This includes a Behavioural Survey & Strengths & Development Report.

    * The cost is reduced to £195.00+VAT per delegate if you are taking part in all seven management development programmes that we are running throughout the year. 


    “We have fixed a lot in our processes from what I have learnt from this training.
    It has allowed me to gain confidence and also apply a lot of actions to my workplace.”

    “If you need training, make sure you get Rachel as this has been such a valuable training session and interesting.  It is the best I have been on and not made to feel stupid!”

    “​I completed this course last year, it was fantastic, and Rachel Hough was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. It has really helped me to understand my role better and given me the tools to deal with staff in a more professional and balanced way. I would recommend this course to anybody wanting to expand their managerial capabilities.”

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